• October 2nd - Prince Sergei III was attacked by outlaws and fled to the castle controlled by the Earl of Oregano, setting off the Spice Wars.
  • October 9th - The Battle of Fennel, the first battle of the Spice Wars, was fought in a farmer’s field near Troyzantine. Both sides had predicted victory and both retreated in disarray at the unexpected strength of the enemy.
  • October 25th - Prince Sergei III's forces were attacked at dawn by troops from Troyzantium, in the second major battle of the Spice Wars. This battle was later known as "The First Great Miscalculation" or simply "The Battle of Fieldstone."
  • November 8th - The third major battle of the Spice Wars was fought. The Troyzantine forces, already stretched thin, were ambushed by Prince Sergei III’s forces at the field of Lantern Run. Historians place the failure of intelligence on the fact that the pigeons used to carry messages from the front were eaten by a Great Gray Owl.
  • November 11th - The Spice Wars were called on account of weather, at least until the following spring. The heavy snowfall that had ended the Battle of Lantern Run did not stop for many days. Troyzantine forces retreated to their fortified city-state, while Prince Sergei III was forced to find a place for his army to spend the winter. They eventually settled on the hunting property of the Lord Olmsbury, near the village of Hearthrung.
  • December 13th - The Autumn River froze over. Residents of the city took sleds and sleighs onto it and the papers lauded it as a “winter miracle” until the wolves arrived. They had used the river as a highway to reach the heart of the city and terrorized residents for some weeks. Rumors abound that feral dog packs in the less savory parts of the city are actually led by the descendants of those wolves.

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