• January 24th - Prince Sergei III watched the ice begin to break up on the river that ran through his army’s wintering ground. In a letter home, he noted the event, and said “Spring—and battle—will soon be upon us again. I fear that many fewer of us will live to watch the ice return.”
  • February 12th - Prince Sergei III moved his troops out of their winter quarters and made a surprise attack upon the Trozantine forces. This came to be known as the Midnight Attack, and it touched off the second act in the Spice Wars.
  • April 2nd - The Spice Wars swung in favor of Prince Sergei III, who employed a group of river pirates to blockade the great Troyzantine River. Goods coming downstream and feeding the city were turned back, resulting in a effective state of siege. Shortages began almost at once, and the leaders of Troyzantium began petitioning naval powers to come to their aid.
  • April 21st - At the Battle of Chervil Prince Sergei III singlehandedly slew one of the enemy generals, a feat widely attributed to his skills on the field of battle. The prince’s diary reports a slightly different tale. “In truth, I am almost ashamed to have done it,” he writes, “for both of us left the field of battle to answer the call of nature, and having chosen the same tree for this purpose, there was some awkwardness, as both of us were determined to wait until the other had finished to pick up our swords, lest our honor be tarnished beyond repair. It was a fair fight and I cannot regret it, but some part of me thinks it shameful to have slain a man at such close quarters at such a time, and perhaps it would have been better to let him rejoin his countrymen instead.” The Battle of Chervil is widely considered to be one of the most successful battles for Prince Sergei’s forces, and they made great gains toward Troyzantium as a result.
  • April 25th - Following the Battle of Chervil, that Prince Sergei III’s army advanced on Troyzantium, only halting when they reached the wetlands surrounding the north side of the delta.
  • June 18th - Prince Sergei III was captured by the Troyzantine forces following the defection of one of his closest advisors. The prince was taken in chains to the river, still under blockade, and arrangements made to transport him to Troyzantium.
  • June 25th - Prince Sergei III made a daring single-handed escape, having picked the lock on his manacles using a specially trained earthworm that had been given to him by an old woman some years early, in gratitude for saving her granddaughter from drowning. Sergei swam the Troyzantine River and was taken aboard by friendly river pirates, while the earthworm held off the Troyzantine forces. In those days, earthworm trainers had a great deal of pride in their work. Sergei took the earthworm rampant on field of azure as his personal coat of arms, which his descendants bear to this day.

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