• February 17th - The show “Eleven Hundred Small Bits of Onion” was put on display at the Gallery d’Authentique. Rachel Roetine, the artist, was hailed as one of the leading lights in the Modern Peculiar art movement. The show was reported to be a success, as no one could view it without bursting into tears, although some art critics suggested that this method was probably cheating.
  • July 14th - Silent movies were banned. “Talkies” had swept the market some years earlier, and holdovers were considered suspicious, and likely a tool of the secret mime cult. It is possible to release silent movies only with special licenses, which are obtainable from the Royal Film Board for a small fee. Art students are exempt from this rule, provided that they begin each movie with a spoken introduction to their work, thereby proving that they are not, in fact, mimes.
  • August 20th - The Gallery d'Authentique showed a collection of artworks consisting of framed bits of barbed wire fence, with reproductions of other, more famous paintings impaled upon the wires. The “Shrike Show” as it was called, was hailed by critics as “rather novel” and “an interesting statement” although it was generally agreed that having two hundred such paintings was belaboring the point a bit much.

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