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  • Are you an English major? Skilled in hand-to-hand combat? Do you feel strongly about whether something is “soda” or “pop”? Contact AOOL today! (Episode 42)
  • It’s the Festival of the Semicolon! Are you prepared to punctuate? Stop by the Order’s headquarters for a free balloon and style guide today! (Episode 96)
  • Also brought to you by Semi-Colon Appreciation Day. Come on down to the Ancient Order of Linguists and celebrate our misunderstood friend, the semi-colon! (Episode 238)
  • There are umlauts about. Be on your guard. If you see one, do not panic. The umlaut is harmless, except in rut, but contact us at once for instructions. (Episode 242)
  • Holding their “adopt a word” event this weekend. Come out and find an adorable, useful word that is no longer in common parlance. Take it home and use it in conversation. Vocabulary is forever. (Episode 373)
  • It is true that we monitor your text messages, but only so that we may take a red pen to them in our spare time. (Episode 378)
  • Come to an open house and learn the mysteries of the ellipsis, the em-dash, and the semicolon. (Episode 535)
  • Join us for our guest lecture, Rain, Reign, and Rein: Homonyms and You. (Episode 549)

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On December 18, 1902 the Order "sent two champions forth on the field of battle to determine, once and for all, whether it was pronounced “peKHAN” or “peCAN."" The matter still remains unresolved.

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