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  • The finest pickles, from the finest bloodlines, available for stud or show today! (Episode 17)
  • Now offering cornichons bred from the ABC champion “Misty’s Kosher Pride.” These are adorable, healthy pickles with strong bumps and crisp conformation. Reserve your champion cornichon today! (Episode 22)
  • The first pickle pups of the New Year are just about ready for sale. These are playful, crisp, firm fleshed pickles. Stop by, and meet one today. (Episode 59)
  • The cucumbers are flowering. Soon, the finest cucumbers will be bred to produce championship pickles. Contact Elwood to take home a show-pickle today! (Episode 267)
  • The finest curly-stemmed cornichons are almost ready for adoption. Bring home a show pickle today! (Episode 286)

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