Irwin[1] Fleming was an avant-garde composer, who wrote three operas and seven symphonies, as well as being an accomplished pianist. Critics hailed him as the greatest musician to emerge from the Ram's Horn School of Arts, describing his work as brilliant, sophisticated, and depraved. Fleming's final composition, "Ode to a Grey Stone," was performed only once. A packed opera house witnessed this performance and within minutes ladies fainted, gentlemen suffered nosebleeds, and bats were shaken from the rafters and began to circle the hall. Three were declared dead during the intermission and the majority of the audience fled the hall. The performing musicians later complained of heart palpitations and night terrors. Fleming himself was bitten by one of the bats during the performance, contracted rabies, and passed away under medical supervision some weeks later.



  1. While the Hidden Almanac page says Irving, the script says Irwin, and the Reverend clearly follows that