The country the Hidden Almanac is in apparently has a prime minister. Twenty years ago, a member of the prime minister's cabinet exploded into a cloud of small brown butterflies. Spontaneous butterfly explosions were nearly unknown at that time and suspicions were raised that the unnamed cabinet member may have been a flock of butterflies all along. There were demands for a full investigation. An official statement was released stating that the cabinet member had been under a great deal of stress and that the prime minister's condolences went out to his family.

The Prime Minister ratifies laws and can order quarantines.

Notable Prime Ministers Edit

  • Sixth Prime Minister: Was assassinated weeks into his term
  • Seventh Prime Minister: Introduced a number of notable reforms and ushered in the historic peace with the mole-people. Unlike his short-lived predecessor, he remained in power for many years, before retiring and passing away peacefully, surrounded by his children and grandchildren.
  • Thessaly Peridot: The first woman of color to hold the post. It's possible she is also the seventh Prime Minister.