The Ravencoast School of Divinity is home to both the Hidden Almanac Test Garden and the Hidden Almanac recording studio. It employs both Reverend Mord and Pastor Drom. The location has not been specified, but we do know the Test Garden is roughly twenty miles from Echo Harbor1. Reverend Mord makes frequent references to "the city" in his programs, which we assume is both the city in which Ravencoast is located and, due to the number of sites and services, also the nation's capital. They have an exceptionally long fight song, with an unspecified number of banned verses.

Taglines Edit

  • Ever feel a calling for something higher? How about something darker, deeper, or potentially dangerous? Ask about our scholarships and loan forgiveness plan for missionaries! (Episode 24)
  • Correspondance Course in Spiritual Plumbing. Faith-healing of people is a job for professionals, but faith-healing pipes can be done by the lay person. Write to Ravencoast for your informative pamphlet today! (Episode 117)
  • Also brought to you by the Ravencoast Miracle-Workers Division. Come to our open house and learn about the exciting opportunities for the miraculous in your field! Join a raffle to win a minor miracle. There will be free cookies. (Episode 135)
  • The new students are coming. We ask the community’s indulgence with them. They will figure it out eventually, and then there will be no more…incidents. (Episode 152)
  • Consider eternity. Consider registering for fall classes to determine your place in it. (Episode 273)
  • Ravencoast School of Divinity offers courses in miracles, hagiography, and theology, for both the casual and dedicated scholar. (Episode 435)
  • Who would like it to be known that paying off their equipment is going to take a great many radio spots. Or a miracle. If you would like to study the art of miracles, consider taking classes at the Ravencoast School of Divinity. (Episode 438)

Notes Edit

1 Episode for 2015-07-17

References Edit

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