July 10th is the Feast Day of Saint Andronicus, patron of lions and lion tamers. This saint was martyred during The Lion Persecutions of the Third Century, although, some hagiographers believe that he may actually be a composite derived from multiple gladiators of the era, including Titus the Spear Catcher, who slew a regional governor during one of the gladiatorial games and was pierced with over thirty spears from the attendant guards. This would explain why Saint Andronicus is represented with a spear through both him and the lion who is supposed to be martyring him.

One of the finest icons of this saint, is painted on the roof of the circus of Alanganth (sp?) nearly forty feet high. Another very fine example can be found among the nuns of Saint Barnaby who travel with Miss Tansybaum's Circus of the Moderately Peculiar. This icon of Saint Andronicus is only six inches high, but is painted on a reliquary that is believed to contain a claw of the actual lion who did the actual martyring.

Mentions Edit

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