June 5th is the Feast Day of Saint Bloodsong, patron of beloved pets. Saint Bloodsong grew up in Ulthar, and made it her mission to help those families who had lost cats to disease or old age. A small black flag, tacked to the door, was a signal for her. And she would arrive with a hand carved box to either bury or hold ashes. If the grieving family wished cremation, she would take the body back to her house and use the old kiln in her back yard. She lived on the edge of town for a reason.

Saint Bloodsong would also perform this sacred duty for travelers who had lost dogs, cats, birds, pigs, and pet fish. The pet octopus took a very special box, and the body was rather ripe before it was ready. She never had a pet of her own, but it was said the spirits of certain pets would stay with her, until they were absolutely certain their humans would survive without them.

Saint Bloodsong is portrayed as a woman in her 30s holding a carved wooden box. A transparent cat is sometimes snuggles into the crook of her arm. The transparent dog sits on her lap.

Mentions Edit

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