Saint Calliope is represented as a hummingbird-headed man or as a torso with a hummingbird hovering in the space that would have been occupied by the head. He holds a dagger in his right hand with a vine wrapped around the hilt. His robes are dark green and he wears a blood-stained scarf at his throat. Icons of Saint Calliope are sought by those seeking courage from forces greater than themselves and are often given as gifts to children.


The origins of Saint Calliope are lost to antiquity but may relate to an incident in the eighth year of the reign of the Emperor Lamperius who was pricked by a rosebush in the imperial pleasure gardens. He ordered the bush chopped down but a hummingbird dwelling within it attacked the gardeners and the guards so fiercely that the Emperor relented and instead had the garden paths rerouted.


IMG 0906

Saint Calliope, by Madison Stuart