June 8th is the Feast Day of Saint Sigrid. Sigrid was the first known Selkie saint and originated from the village of Gant near Echo Harbor. She labored tirelessly attempting to negotiate a truce with the Orca Tribes of the Far North. As orcas eat seals, these were extremely taxing negotiations, but Sigrid maintained that there was good in the heart of every being and that peace could be achieved. In the end, she and the Orca Matriarch, known as Sawtooth Ancient, went together into the massive sea caverns underneath Echo Harbor. They returned together some days later, both alive, although Sigrid's pelt had gone white. And Sawtooth Ancient was badly wounded. The end result was a lasting peace between Orcas and Selkies, and neither of them would speak of what they had seen.

Saint Sigrid is now the patron of those who seek peace against terrible odds. She is represented by either a haloed seal or a woman wearing a seal skin with an Orca fin in the background behind her.

Mentions Edit

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