December 31st is the Feast Day of Saint Simone, the famous one, not the other one. Saint Simone was a woman of extraordinary virtue, whose hand was sought by the princes of the known world. Battles were fought and at last in the name of peace, she renounced marriage and sought the covenant, where she worked many miracles. There are several surviving portraits of Saint Simone, which is unusual for saints. And none of them show the sort of beauty that would ordinarily drive princes to kill one another. "She was just fun to be around," said one prince in a contemporary account, "you felt like you were part of a grand adventure. And she laughed at your jokes like she really meant it. I don't know, love is weird." Several princes followed her and took religious orders themselves. The Well of Saint Simone remains a popular destination among pilgrims to this day.

Mentions Edit

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