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  • For a completely mime-free experience, try the Silent Nightclub! Wednesday is ladies night! (Episode 8)
  • Still here. Still rocking. Still not a front for the underground mime cult. Visit us today! (Episode 89)
  • The club is closed today. No reason. (Episode 136)
  • It’s Ghost Night! Ghosts drink for free, and other undead get cocktails for half price! Come and find us, if you dare! (Episode 166)
  • There is a message for you. Nod once to the bartender without making eye contact, and he will slide it to you under a glass. (Episode 183)
  • Still 100% underground mime-cult free! We just don’t like talking and that’s not a crime, is it? Come by for a completely mime-free experience, guaranteed! (Episode 196)
  • Offering this week’s special, the Iceworm Cocktail. Are you a sourdough? Can you prove it? We have fresh iceworms from the frozen north and all the cheap gin required to prove your doughiness. (Episode 227)
  • Still not a front for the secret mime cult. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply engaging in an April Fool’s joke and can be killed with impunity. (Episode 243)
  • We have no comment at this time. Nor will we, ever. (Episode 253)
  • Who most certainly did not leave any business cards in the possession of the debased mime cult that we encountered while descending beneath the earth. Because that would be foolish. (Episode 279)
  • The presence of our business cards on the bodies of members of the degenerate mime cult is the fault of the printer, who printed thousands of overstock on accident and sent them to the landfill. It is certainly not because the Nightclub is a front for the underground mime cult. That would be appalling. (Episode 290)
  • Tickets go on sale tonight for Something Rotten Underground, the only all-mole-person punk band to play above ground. Two nights only! Be there, or sniff worms! (Episode 336)
  • Lupercalia is coming up. If you want a romantic evening without any awkward conversation, come to the Silent Nightclub, where no one speaks at all. (Episode 368)
  • Which is still not a front for the mime cult and wishes that people would stop asking. (Episode 420)
  • Tuesday is Archon’s Night! Come out and enjoy a whole evening of acoustic music, praise and swaying! (Episode 443)
  • Come and sit in silence and listen to the music that does not play. Tuesday is Single’s Night. (Episode 491)
  • The Silent Nightclub—where you will never have to worry about clapping before the song is over. There are no songs, and no clapping. Only silence. And drinks. (Episode 522)
  • We know the truth, but our lips, as always, are sealed. (Episode 546)

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