August 7th is the Feast Day of Slush. On this day the editors and the agents gather and build a bonfire of unwanted manuscripts. Those works sent to those who do not represent that genre and were not taking submissions anyway, those screeds that claim to have been written by channeling the blockbuster movie fan fic with the serial numbers imperfectly filed off, all must burn. "Be free," cried the editors to the liberated words, "we tried to mail you back, but there was no return address. Rise as smoke and find your place in better books. Or, at least, the sort that we represent." The ashes of the slush are given to each of the participants in tiny jars to be sprinkled over the threshold of their offices as purification for the year to come. The Ancient Order of Linguists oversees several slush burns in The City. Contact them to find a location near you.

Mentions Edit

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