• Steve's Used Cars: we're better than Bob's. (Episode 3)
  • Steve's Used Cars: so much better than Bob's Discount Car Lot that we lack the vocabulary to describe it. (Episode 5)
  • Steve would like to extend his condolences to the families of those killed in the great Bob's Discount Car Lot fire, and offer them low, low prices on any car in stock. A fully loaded V6 with all-leather interior can't bring your loved ones back, but isn't it how they'd want to be remembered? (Episode 9)
  • Visit Steve for the very best deal on a single used 1977 hatchback, which is all the remains of Steve's inventory. You can find him living out this fine vehicle today, as he drives around the city in a desperate attempt to avoid Bob. Make him an offer he can't refuse — today! (Episode 19)
  • Steve's motto is: "Oh god, Bob, oh god, I'm sorry, the fire was a mistake, no one was supposed to get hurt, oh god, oh god, make it stop!" Ask about their low, low interest rates! (Episode 21)
  • Also brought to you by the family of Steve’s Used Cars. Have you seen Steve? We’re getting a little worried. He said he was going out for milk, but that was weeks ago. If you have any news of Steve, please contact the Hidden Almanac service desk. (Episode 29)
  • Also brought to you by Steve’s Used Memorial Fund. Celebrating Steve’s extraordinary life and trying to forget the gruesome details of his extraordinary death. (Episode 45)



The third episode begins the rivalry between Steve's Used Cars and Bob's Discount Car Lot.

Appears to have engaged in mutually assured destruction with Bob's Discount Car Lot as of Episode 11, with Ethan's Hybrid Car Dealership being built on both lots at least until Episode 36.