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Welcome to the The Hidden Almanac WikiEdit

The Hidden Almanac with Reverend Mord is a podcast produced by Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney. This wiki is meant for transcriptions, chronology, and cross-references. Be Safe, and Stay Out of Trouble.

How to HelpEdit

We've just finished adding in the scripts for a bunch of the episodes so dive in and help proof the transcripts, format the episodes, and add links. Or see the forum for specifics things to do. Pointing out references both to Ursula Vernon's other work and to real world references are appreciated.

If you make a major change (formatting, recategorization, etc), please make a note in the Watercooler forum so we can keep track of whys and wherefores. Thanks.

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Book of Tubalcaine
    created by AngelaG1986 4 minutes ago
    New page: An incomplete manuscript long believed to have been dictated by fallen angels. One Reverend Allen Penstemon claimed he used the book to determine the...
  • categorization Daughters of the Corgi
    edited by AngelaG1986 6 minutes ago diff
    Added category: People
  • new page Daughters of the Corgi
    created by AngelaG1986 7 minutes ago
    New page: The so called “Daughters of the Corgi” were recruited from workhouses and charity schools throughout the city and transported to the colony on the...
  • new page Heresy of Satanic Odds
    created by AngelaG1986 11 minutes ago
    New page: Proposed by Pierre Loghain in 1355. This philosophy suggests that the inevitable victory of good over evil is, in fact, merely propaganda from the...
  • categorization Hysterical Dancing Epidemic
    edited by AngelaG1986 13 minutes ago diff
    Added category: Events
  • new page Hysterical Dancing Epidemic
    created by AngelaG1986 13 minutes ago
    New page: Citizens of multiple villages and towns were compelled to dance without end for some weeks, in 1484. Mentions Edit Episode for 2014-02-14
  • edit The city
    edited by AngelaG1986 16 minutes ago diff
    Summary: Sites/Services:
  • new page Strategic Tea Reserves
    created by AngelaG1986 16 minutes ago
    New page: Tea reserves intended for tea shortages in the city. Opened once, that we know of, in 1813. Mentions Edit Episode for 2013-11-27
  • categorization Tornuba
    edited by AngelaG1986 19 minutes ago diff
    Added category: People
  • new page Tornuba
    created by AngelaG1986 19 minutes ago
    New page: A people, location unknown, about whom anthropologist Jeffrey Halloran wrote a book. Their language has a complex system for handling past and future...

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