Sister Mary Chagnon, the "teacup nun," is one of the more popular attractions Sister Rosemary's Curious Convent, the largest sideshow act in Miss Tansybaum's Circus of the Moderately Peculiar.

What few viewers know is that Sister Mary Chagnon had a long and checkered career in the carnival before joining the Traveling Order of St. Barnaby. She was Trixie the Pixie for many years, a much racier act involving several sequins, two bits of dental floss, and a single high-heeled shoe. 

While Sister Mary has supposedly renounced all of that, it is worth noting that she keeps several of Trixie's posters in her trailer and will reminisce about the good old days at the drop of a shotglass.*

*In her case, a ceramic thimble with pansies painted on it.

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